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NUPCO, Inc. currently runs lines capable of producing 4", 5", 6", and 8" corrugated plastic tubing, both slotted and solid. 4" rolls are available in 100, 225, and 3,300 foot rolls and 5,000 foot big wheels. 4" solid and slotted is available in both our signature light blue and black. NUPCO also manufactures various colors of 4" tubing for businesses with specialized needs. Larger diameter tubing as well as various sizes of smooth wall tubing and fittings are also available at NUPCO, Inc.


Color tubing is available in a variety of colors for specialized needs.


A variety of fittings are available for 3" to 24" tile. 


We carry items such as tile probes, 4"-15"animal guards, 6" and 8" intakes, trench drains, and bar guards

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